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1977-81 Studies of German Literature, Educational Science, Philosophy at the University of Duisburg
1977-83 Studies of Art at the Universities of Duisburg and Essen (formerly Folkwang School of Art)
1983-93 Regular lecturing on painting and drawing at the University of Duisburg (until the closure of the Art Department)
1987 Birth of daughter, single parent
Since 1988 Studies of Modern Jazz / Dance Theatre, African Dance and in particular Oriental Dance, i.e. with Mitra Mir-Emadi u. Ibrahim Abu Hassan
Since 2002 Regular lecturing: " World-Dance", "Oriental Dance Fitness" and "Oriental Dance" for beginners and advanced students, i.e. at the Adult Education Institute Duisburg and Rheinberg
2006 Art Prize Wesseling
2010 Studies of Contemporary Dance  with Tamara McLorg, Mags Byrne, Janice Parker, Victoria Igbokwe, Josef Eder
Lecturing/teaching on art and art/dance at different institutes such as: Kindergarten, Primary school, Highschool, German Red Cross, Social Welfare Work, Protestant Youth and Social Work, Catholic Education Forum, SCI-Moers, Workers-Welfare Association, College, Adult Education Institute, University


1984 Educational and Working Scholarship in the former USSR (Moscow, Leningrad, Ashkhabad); artist exchange program
1986  2. Prize Max Ernst Scholarship, Brühl
1990 Educational and Working Scholarship in Great Britain (Portsmouth, London); artist exchange program
2002 “Turm-Stipendium” scholarship (one German and one Dutch artist), Geldern
2010 Scholarship "ResiDance - Community Dance" of Peter Gläsel Foundation, Detmold
2011 Scholarship “Symposion of Sculpturers”, Stadthagen

Projects ( among others):

1995 Art Project with Sokey Edorh (Togo): “Africa and Europe in Dialogue” with support of the Foreign Office/State Department of Germany

1998 One week Art Project "Art Lane" at the Universiade Duisburg with Prof. M. Goppelsroeder and Hermann Kurz

2001+02 Outdoor sculpture project on the occasion of the Cultural Weekend Duisburg, sponsored by the government of North Rhine Westphalia 

2002 “Art-Music-Lyric”-Dialogue with Jazz Piano player Achim Jaroschek, Municipal Theatre Duisburg

2004 “Violence”, art project with disadvantaged young people, SCI Moers

2006 “YOU + I = WE”, art project consisting of workshops with children, composition of a transportable wall painting after motifs of workshop results, tour through public places in Duisburg ,sponsored by Aktion Mensch (Relief Organization)
Since 2006 “Art and Dance”, interdisciplinary art projects, sponsored by the Culture and School Program of the Government of North Rhine Westphalia

2007 „Interdisciplinary Works“, art project with Elvira Zuniga (Dance) and Roman Sieweke (Saxophon), Tectrum (Sir Norman Foster Building) Duisburg

Since 2007 art projects at the Baerl Studio House with people suffering from Multiple Sclerosis

2010 "European Accents in Perm", Russia: idea and realization of the international and interdisciplinary art project “City-Facts” with Sergey Kachkin (video) and Marya Chirkova (text), performances in Pecs, Hungary, and Duisburg; „Starke Orte – Strong Places“ : outdoor sculpture at Landschaftspark Nord, Duisburg  and art-dance-performance “Energy” at Turbinenhalle/Jahrhunderthalle Bochum with Harald Schulte (dance);                                                                                                                                                            
2010 and 2011 cross media art project “24 hours”: collages, light projections, sound, music with musician and singer Simone Helle at the Duisburg Art Association, Kunstverein Duisburg                                                      
2011 “Time-Witnesses / Zeit-Zeugen”: multimedia art project with young people (12-20 ys) with and without migration background, sponsored by the program “Toleranz foerdern-Kompetenz staerken”(“Support tolerance-invigorate competence”) of the Federal Ministry of the German Government

Solo-exhibitions and participations (among others):

since 1983 several times: Great Art Exhibition NRW (North Rhine Westphalia) Kunst Palast, Düsseldorf (C);
1983:   Flatland Gallery, Utrecht (Netherlands);
1985:   Central Art Hall, Moscow (Russia) (C); 1985,86: State Museum Lithuania Vilnius (Lithuania) (C);
1986:   „Biennial at the Ruhr“, Municipal Gallery Castle of Oberhausen (C); Prize winners of the Max Ernst  
 Scholarship, Municipal Gallery at the Castle, Brühl;
1988:   State Art Museum, Alma Ata (Kasachstan);
1990 ,1991: City Museum, Portsmouth,(Great Britain ) (C);
1991:   ASPEX Gallery ; Portsmouth (Great Britain) (L);
1993:   Municipal Gallery, Viersen (C) ;
1995:   “Africa and Europe in Dialogue”, Art Project Duisburg (C) with Sokey Edorh (Togo)
1998:   One week Art Project "Art Lane" at the Universiade Duisburg with Prof. M. Goppelsroeder and Hermann Kurz
1991, 2000, 2002:  Municipal Gallery Rheinhausen, Duisburg (L);
1999/2000:  Municipal Gallery „Centrum“, Wesel (C);
2001:   Municipal Gallery of Korschenbroich (C);

2002:   Museum of German Inland Navigation, Duisburg; Scholarship holders at the Tower-Gallery, Geldern (C);
2002/2003:  Gallery AO, Emsdetten; 2003: Municipal Gallery Orangerie, Kamp-Lintfort;
2004:   Cubus Art Hall, Duisburg (L); Kunstforum BBK, Gallery of the German Artists Association, Düsseldorf;
2004/2005:  Artemis Gallery, Dr. Höper-Kuhn, Duisburg;
2005:   Municipal Gallery at the Townhall, Rees; „Wasserfest“, GEDOK, Stadtwerke Wesel; “Art-Games“ on the
occasion of the „World Games“, Duisburg; „NORD-ART“ ,Rendsburg (C);

2006:  „Movement, Dynamic and Power“, Municipal Gallery Wesseling (C);„With the eyes of the other one“,
Gallery Rheinhausen, Duisburg (L); 
2007:  "Sigrid Beuting – Spuren/Traces", Municipal Gallery Wesseling; "Sigrid Beuting - Interdisciplinary Works",
TECTRUM Gallery / Atelierhaus Baerl, Duisburg (C)
2008:   "18 from Duisburg", MKM Küppersmühle Museum für moderne Kunst / Museum of  Modern Art, Duisburg (C);
2008/2009:  Forum for Art and Architecture (WBK), Essen
2009:   "Actuality and Process", Wilhelm Lehmbruck Museum Duisburg (C); "Arkadien lebt", Zeche Zollverein Hall XII, Essen (C)
2010:   "Strong Places" "ArtChannel" Landschaftspark Duisburg-Nord (C); "Strong Places" Jahrhunderthalle /
Turbinenhalle Bochum (C);   "European Accents in Perm" MuFu Cultural Centre, Perm (Russia), SwanHall Gallery,
Pecs (Hungary), Lokal Harmonie, Duisburg ; “Mobility-Metropole-Migration”, Forum for Art and Architecture , Essen
2010/2011: Kunstverein Duisburg/  Art Association, Duisburg; 2011: Kunstverein Ruhr/ Art Association, Essen Sculpture Symposion ( outdoor exhibition ), Stadthagen (C); Forum for Art and Architecture, Essen;
2012: Cubus Kunsthalle / Cubus Art Hall, Duisburg; Gallery Goldstr.15, Duisburg
 C= Catalogue; L= Leporello

Works are in private and public collections such as:
Wilhelm Lehmbruck Museum Duisburg , City of Duisburg, Stadtwerke Duisburg, Municipal Hospital Duisburg, Gebag - Duisburg Property Company , City of Geldern
Short bibliography see:  www.art-beuting.com