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  Intensive Art Course, 23.-27.03.2015, "Spannung und Entspannung – Wege zum eigenen Bild", VHS Duisburg, Studiohouse Atelierhaus Baerl, more...
  Exhibition: until end of February 2015, "Meeting-Contacts", (Artists of the exchange program 1981-91 who visited the former UdSSR),
                      DU/ART Gallery, Dellplatz 8, 47051 Duisburg: Thu and Fri 18-21 h
  Exhibition: until 31.01.2015, Art Fair "Kunstmarkt", Cubus Kunsthalle, Friedr.-Wilh.-Str., Duisburg, more...
  Exhibition: Finissage, Thu,08.01.2015 from 17:30 -19:00 h, "The Duisburg Art Bund - political?", Rheinhausen Gallery, Händelstr. 6, DU-RH (until 08.01.2015), more...
  Exhibition: showing small works on the Gallery Wall at "Forum Architektur und Kunst", Kopstadtplatz, Essen starts 14.12.2014, more...
  Exhibition: until 03.01.2015, "WinterKunst" Gallery of the German union of visual artists, section Düsseldorf / BBK, Kunstforum, Birkenstr. 47, Düsseldorf, more...
  Exhibition: 24.-26.10.2014 at the Art Fair C.A.R. Contemporary Art Ruhr, more...
  Next "Day of open Studios": sat, 25. + sun, 26. Oct. 2014, 12 - 6 pm. Be welcome!
  Final Presentation of the participants of "Culture-Camp DU: Respect!!" (2): Fr. 15.08. 2014 at 5 pm. Be welcome!
  "Culture-Camp DU: Respect!!" (2): free for ten 11-18 ys old, from 04.08. - 15.08.2014 (mo-fr) register here - more...
  Exhibition: opening 29.06.14 at 11 am, "Media-News-Impulses" until 27.07.2014 at Bonn, more...
  Final Presentation of the participants of "Culture-Camp DU: Respect!!" (1): Fr. 18.07. 2014 at 5 pm. Be welcome!
  "Culture-Camp DU: Respect!!"(1): free for ten 11-18 ys old, from 07.07.- 18.07.2014 (mo-fr), register here - more...
  Final presentation of Art-& Dance-Projects: 27.06. DU-Rheinhausen, 30.06. Rheinberg, 02.07.2014 DU-Hochfeld. More via Email.
  Exhibition of my students: opening 16.05.14 at 19 pm, Gallery Rheinhausen, Händelstr.6, Duisburg until 18.06.2014
  Exhibition: opening 04.05.14 at 12 am, "Media-News-Impulses" until 25.05.2014 at Essen, more...
  Exhibition: 29.11.2013 - 26.01.2014 "ArtFair" Cubus Kunsthalle Duisburg, more...
  Exhibition: 01.12. - 12.01.2014, "in a twinkling" Vernissage Sun., 1.Dec.: 15 h HKM "Alte Schreinerei" Tor 1, Ehingerstr.200, DU, 90 years Duisburg Artist association, more...
  Exhibition: 05.12. - 12.01.2014, "WinterArt" Vernissage Thu., 5.Dec.: 19:30 h BBK Kunstforum Düsseldorf, Birkenstr. 47, more...
  ▪ Intensive art course: 21.-25.10.2013, "Spannung und Entspannung - Wege zum eigenen Bild" VHS, more...
  ▪ Next "Day of open Studios": 12.+13. Oct. 2013, 12 - 6 pm. Be welcome!
  ▪ Exhibition: 28.09.-20.10.2013 "Inbetween /Mittendrinn..." 90 years Duisburger Künstlerbund. Kulturwerkstatt Meiderich, Bahnhofstr. 157, 47137 Duisburg, more...
  ▪ Exhibition: 03.10.-18.10.2013 "Free Ride /Freie Fahrt" BBK Niederrhein at Südbahnhof, Saumstr. 9, 47805 Krefeld, more...
  "Culture-Camp DU: Cool!!" free for ten 11-18 ys old from 22.07.-02.08.2013 register here - more:
  "Culture-Camp DU: Cool!!" free for ten 11-18 ys old from 19.08.-30.08.2013 register here - more:
  ▪ Exhibition:  Opening 09.06.2013 at 11 am, "Urban Spaces/Interventions", Former Museum Ostwall, Dortmund - more...
  ▪ Exhibition:  25.04.-24.05.2013. Works of participants of my 5 current art classes (VHS): Gallery Rheinhausen, Haendelstr. 6, 47226 Duisburg
  ▪ Exhibition:  21.04.-16.05.2013 „Jeunesse-Youth“, Forum Kunst und Architektur, Essen, more:
  ▪ Exhibition: 09.03. - 18.04.2013 "90 years Duisburger Künstlerbund" at "Rheinhausen Gallery" of the Lehmbruck Museum, Händelstr. 6, 47226 Duisburg - more...

  ▪ Exhibition and Charity Art Action: 14.12.12 until 24.02.13 at »Art-Market 2012«, Cubus Art Hall, Duisburg - more:

  ▪ Exhibition: 9.12.12 until 10.02.13 »Goldrush« at Forum Kunst & Architektur Essen, WBK - more:
  ▪ Exhibition: 6.12.12 until 06.01.13 »Winter Exhibition« at Kunstforum Düsseldorf, BBK - more:
  Exhibition: Sun 18. Nov.,open 11-18 "1.galerie baerl": Oppenberg/Beuting "Homeland- yesterday and today", more...
  ▪ Exhibition until 26.10.12: "De l´Amitié - on friendship", Galérie de Mairie du 11e, 12 place Léon Blum, 75011 Paris, France
  ▪ Exhibition: on Nov. 4th, 2012 CAR Contemporary Art Ruhr, exhibition stand of the WBK, Essen Zollverein - more...
  New Catalogue:  "SIGRID BEUTING - Interdisciplinary Works" - more...
  New : Producer gallery in the studio house ,"1-room-gallery" showing new works by Sigrid Beuting, daily by call
  Next "Day of open Studios": 27. + 28.10.2012 from 12-18 h; more...
  ▪ Exhibition:  30.04. - 20.10. "Starke Orte - Strong Places"  Out Door Sculptur Exhibition, Landschaftspark Duisburg-Nord - more ...
  "24 hours" Visual-Acoustic-Text-Installation 15.-16.Jan.2011 with Simone Helle, KUNSTVEREIN DUISBURG, live-Perform.
    Saturday 11.00-11:12 Uhr and Sunday 11:12 -11:24 Uhr, more...
  ▪ New : "1. Art Fair" Sunday 5 th Dec. 2010 from 11 am -5 pm with artists from the region in the studio house - more ...
  ▪ Exhibitions: "Local Heroes" Stadthaus Rheinberg and "Kunstmarkt" Cubus Kunsthalle starts 27th Nov. at 5 pm, more: www.cubus-kunsthalle.de
  Internat. and interdiscipl. Art-Project:  3.-5. Sept. "European Accents in Perm" (RU) ,l Pecs (H) and Duisburg (GER) - more...
  ▪ Exhibition:  Art+Dance Performance:  2. May at 5 pm "Starke Orte - Strong Places" JAHRHUNDERTHALLE/Turbinenhalle BOCHUM - mehr ...
  Art Classes:  Start: 02.03.2010, Oriental Dance/Fitness Classes, Start: 01.03.2010  - more ...
  "Art and Dance" - Performance 20.05. at 5 pm Sportcenter Duisburg-Baerl, Info about the interdisciplinary Art Project - more ...

  ▪ Exhibition: until 19 th Oct. 2008, "18 from Duisburg" Museum Küppersmühle MKM, Duisburg - Picture.01 ...  Picture.02 ...  download Flyer

  ▪ Exhibition:  "Unverblümt-Straight"  at the Municipal Museum Wesel - more ...
  ▪ Artproject to lend - "You + I = WE" - more ...
  ▪ Autumn/Winter 2007/08 Exhibition "Sigrid Beuting - Interdisciplinary Works" until 31. January 2008 - more ...
  ▪ Sommer 2007 SIGRID BEUTING "Spuren" (Traces) with African earth on canvas, stainless steel ....- more....
  ▪ Spring 2007 Preservation of the Atelierhaus Baerl - the "Kunstcocktail" at the Schulstraße - more ...
  ▪ Ingeborg-and-Alfred-Roeder-Art Prize 2006 - more....
  Art Prize Wesseling 4. Nov. 2006 - more ...
  ▪ 25 years Studiohouse Atelierhaus Baerl - For preservation.- more....

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"Culture-Camp DU: Respect!!" (2)
free for ten 11-18 ys old, from 04.08.- 15.08.2014 (mo-fr), register here:



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"Culture-Camp DU: Respect!!" (1)
free for ten 11-18 ys old, from 07.07.- 18.07.2014 (mo-fr), register here:



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"Culture-Camp DU: Cool!!"
   free for ten 11-18 ys old from 22.07.-02.08.2013 register here:




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"Culture-Camp DU: Cool!!"
   free for ten 11-18 ys old from 19.08.-30.08.2013 register here:


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Exhibition: "Urban Spaces / Interventions", Opening 09.06.2013


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New Catalogue: "SIGRID BEUTING- Interdisciplinary Works"

44 colourprints, bilingual German/Englisch, with short essays from Albert.M. Dreher, Dr. Peter Dunas, Bernhard Mensch, Dr. Susanne Höper-Kuhn, DIN-A-4 format, 10 EUR plus shipping costs


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Autumn/Winter 2007/08, Exhibition "Sigrid Beuting - Interdisciplinary Works" until 31. January 2008

The exhibition of works on the walls (unfortunatelly no assemblages, objects and sculptures) will continue in the Sir-Norman-Foster- Building at Bismarckstr. 142 in Duisburg, Germany until the beginning of January 2008.

Opening Hours:

TECTRUM, Bismarckstr.142, 47057 Duisburg
Mo-Do 8:00-19:30 h , Fr 8:00-18:30 h)

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Next Exhibition: "Unverblümt -Straight" at the Municipal Museum Wesel

Short-Info: "Unverblümt -Straight"  challenges artists to "tell" the world their thoughts and believes. Facing lies and white lies every day some artists are working in the "grey area" between unwrapped criticism and artistic fantasy.

Municipal Museum Wesel - Gallery at the Centre, Ritterstr. 14, 46483 Wesel

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Summer 2007,  SIGRID BEUTING "Spuren" (Traces) with African earth on canvas, stainless steel ...

Städtische Galerie Wesseling (Municipal Gallery), (A 555 between Cologne and Bonn - For roadmap and times pls. download invitationcard) until 24.6.07.

60 large and small works can be seen in the Municipal Gallery of Wesseling which is an ancient farmhouse, until the 24 th of June. Beside abstract motives the exhibition also consists of figurative works, that offer a wide range and an interesting overview of this particular phase of works.



Current Exhibition  SIGRID BEUTING - "Spuren", Galery of Wesseling

For more information concerning the exhibition and roadplan in German please download the 2-pages-PDF-Flyer here:

Download Flyer Exhibition SIGRID BEUTING "Spuren" (Traces)

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Spring 2007, Preservation of the Atelierhaus Baerl - the "Kunstcocktail" at the Schulstraße

Participants of art classes represented the "Atelierhaus Baerl" (Studiohouse) with a wide range of artworks at the 7 th "Kunstcocktail" event around the Loheider See (lake) in Duisburg-Baerl. (12. + 13.05.07) Despite bad weather visitors not only showed appreciation for their works but voted with almost 100 % for the preservation of the municipal building by giving their signature or by even becoming new members of the Initiative (IEAB).

Participants of the art classes show their works and collect votes for the preservation of the "Atelierhaus Baerl" (Studiohouse) on the occasion of the "Kunstcocktail"

The historical building located at Schulstraße 64 offers studios, resp. appartments for six artists and serves six art classes as well as two dance and fitness courses (VHS-Adult Education Institute), several music and cultural groups and this coming autumn also the DMSG (German Multiple Sclerosis Association) with a rehearsal room and meeting point of which there is no alternative in this district.

On Pentecost Sunday from 11 am - 6 pm, participants of the "Kunstcocktail" event will show paintings, drawings, sculptures, objects and jewelry at the "Atelierhaus Baerl". Through this the artists wish to express their support for the initiative for the preservation and brightening of the studiohouse. We´d like to welcome you to the exhibition. Admission free.

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Ingeborg-and-Alfred-Roeder-Art Prize 2006

Herewith I´d like to congratulate Heike Westermann , participant of my art class "Life Drawing and Painting", who got awarded with the 1. Prize (1500,- Euro) and Ursula Funke, who received the 2. Prize (1000,- Euro). She is attending my class "Painting and Drawing" and "Life - Painting and Drawing". A jury of five chose the winners out of 180 contributions of 23 art classes of the Volkshochschule Duisburg ( Adult Education Centre). Another 7 participants were chosen to present their works together with the awardees. Therefore I´d like to congratulate as well Angelica Schneider (participant of my Still Life Class) and Ursula Hirtz van Rijn ( Painting and Drawing Class), who are presently showing their works at the Foyer of the Volkshochschule Duisburg ( Adult Education Centre), König-Heinrich-Platz.

Art Classes start again at Thursday, 22. Febr. 2007


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Art Project to lend:  Travelling through city districts 2006-2008

"You + I = WE"
All together with pencil and brush, sponsored by AKTION MENSCH (Relief Organization)
Art-Project in 3 stages, concept and realization: (c) SIGRID BEUTING, Atelierhaus Baerl

Part 1
Assisted by her daughter Svenja-Shuvai the Duisburg artist and docent Sigrid Beuting offered several workshops on the topic "You + I = WE" at the Duisburg-Buchholz KITA „Arc“ (day nursery) for children of 3 – 10 ys.

„Once we look closer at ourselves and our neighbour we discover a lot of new, beautiful and unique aspects. We learn to express moods and characteristics with the help of lines and colours. While we open our eyes for the neighbour we let him/her be part of our art work.“

Part 2
Referring to the special topic "You + I = WE" the artist created a collage out of the results of part 1 and based the composition of a big wall painting on the chosen works. Using acrylic paint she transposed the artistic design on a big canvas and added other elements such as a stainless steel panel. This creates a „WE“ in a further way as the spectator appears like in a mirror on the glossy surface of the panel . He/She becomes automatically a part of the "You + I = WE" painting, too. That´s how in the end the workshop results with the children become artisticly sublimated and connected with the spectators as well as creating a "WE" in an ambiguous way.

Part 3
The transportable painting starts travelling through Duisburg districts. Owners of shops, companies, places or municipal institutions can lend the art work for a certain time for free(!). This allows a lot of people to become part of the art work. The final place of the journey will be the starting point : the KITA „Arc “ (day nursery) in Duisburg-Buchholz .

Shop owners, companies or plants who are interested in exhibiting the painting for free for a certain time call the KITA-leader Tel: (0)203-700190

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Art Prize Wesseling 2006

Exhibition and presentation 4. Nov. 2006 of the City of Wesseling and the Art Club Wesseling, Municipal Gallery Wesseling

Presentation of the Award "Art Prize Wesseling 2006" to Sigrid Beuting by the chairman of the jury, the chairman of the art club and the mayor of the city of Wesseling 4.Nov. 2006


Art Classes:

* Start 14th October 2008 at the Studiohouse "Atelierhaus Duisburg-Baerl"
* Details under "Art Classes for Adults" and "Dance and Fitness Classes"

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25 years Studiohouse Atelierhaus Baerl - For preservation

More than 200 art and culture interested visitors celebrated the first 25 ys of "Art History" together with the 6 artists of the studiohouse at the Schulstrasse in Duisburg-Baerl. On this occasion the City of Duisburg, the Lord Mayor and the Cultural Office released the catalogue "Atelierhaus Baerl" on the history of the studiohouse that you can order via ISBN 3-89279-624-6. Following a few impressions of the party at 27.Oct.2006.

Because of rumours about a demolition of the "birthday girl" an initiative was founded in order to preserve the Studiohouse. The preface of the brand new catalogue written by Lord Mayor Adolf Sauerland and the Minister of Family, Education and Culture, Karl Janssen says:

"Since then this house became the centre of the quater... It does not only provide the artists with space for working and living , it also serves as a place of education and meeting for the citizens of Duisburg-Baerl, a House of Art and of citizen´s life ... We congratulate warmly to the first quater of a century "Art History" at the Schulstrasse and wish the cultural life in the beautiful [!] old building to continue flourishing , broad recognition and great success!"  (Original text see on the German site)

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Exhibition :  30.04. - 19.09. "Starke Orte :

 info strong places

text strong places

foto strong places

Exhibition :  Art+Dance Performance:  2. May at 5 pm "Starke Orte - Strong Places" JAHRHUNDERTHALLE/Turbinenhalle BOCHUM  

 page front

page bochum back

3.-5.09.2010 European Accents in Perm - Festival (Russia): Multimedia sculpture project "City Facts"

„City-facts “ ( sculpture of all senses)

An interdisciplinary, binational and interactive project in the fields of sculpture, media, video, text.



The title refers to “City” and to “Artefacts” as human-made objects which give information about the culture of its creators and users. “Facts” stands also for a documentation of what is fact today in the City.

The artists asked Duisburg, Pecs and mainly Perm inhabitants and pedestrians of all ages and all backgrounds to give them items of their daily life. They announced dates and times of 4 collections on flyers as well as in the daily newspaper where people of Duisburg, Pecs and Perm could bring their objects. These items could be old or new, of worth as well as throw away articles and were collected and used in order to build a unique Perm sculpture. In shape of a contemporary artwork this sculpture reflects social, technical and cultural identities of their former owners and at the same time visualizes modern society of Duisburg ,Pecs and mainly Perm. As donors were able to influence the shape of the sculpture by giving a certain item they became an essential part of art project. The meetings were documented by video and interviews were taken on audio tape. Donors could explain the reasons, why they chose their item and what meaning it had to them.

The final public multimedia presentation consisted of (a) a sculpture of given objects, (b) a video performance on a screen and (c) audio interview texts.

The interdisciplinary, international and interactive project integrates normal people of all ages and backgrounds. As they contribute they become an important part of the art project. Observing the process of development they can realize and reflect their personal and cultural life. They don’t need to enter a museum hall as art comes right their way and works where it gets created. It opens people’s eyes and mind and touches the past, presence and future. They are part of a “new” emerging of things in a special and subtle way of provocative dialogue. „City-facts (sculpture of all senses)“ offers us not so much easy going answers, but rather induces us to confront and to differentiate the questions more precisely. It also creates a vacuum for a different perception, time and space to reflect our thinking.

“City-Facts Perm”,the “sculpture of all senses” had been shown on the 3.-5. September 2010 at the MuFu Cultural space in Perm . We are very happy, that in an interview with a leading German radio station WDR ,Mr. Marat Guelman, Director of the Museum of Contemporary Art in Perm, expressed his appreciation and showed interest in having it for his collection

A documentary of the final presentation has been shown in the cities of Pésc and Duisburg.

Perm City-Facts team:  Sigrid Beuting ,(Ger) concept (c), sculpture / Sergey Kachkin,(Rus) video, documentation/ Marya Chirkova,(Rus) audio interviews

 city facts final

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"24 hours" Visual-Acoustic-Text-Installation with Simone Helle, KUNSTVEREIN DUISBURG, live-Perform

Download: Invitation Card                                      



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